First Place for Goat Cheddar!

Heartland Creamery received high honors at the 2012 American Cheese Society Convention in north Carolina. Paul Mitchell represented the Creamery and submitted several cheeses for grading and testing. The American Cheese Society was founded in 1983 and has taken the artisan cheese making practice to new heights. It offers both education and the celebration of cheeses from the farm to the larger production of American cheeses. Cheese makers now have a forum to bring their cheeses for both judging and grading by category.

Cheeses from the fresh, unripened variety to the ten year old cheddars are taken through a plethora of specifications to see just how close they come to hitting the mark. The rules are simple and exact in definition. Cheeses are graded according to their independent aesthetic qualities such as flavor, aroma, texture, and technical evaluations. Points then are awarded to each cheese as it moves down the list of checks for a possible 100 points. The rule of thumb has the judges starting with 50 points in quality and aesthetics, then deducting points for lower values in the areas of quality. The second area is technical points, and points are awarded up to 50 total.ACS2012blueribbon-1905

Heartland Creamery is honored to have taken first place in the young goat cheddar category, using goat milk from their grade A goat dairy for the first place victory. Heartland looks forward to the future and promises their valued customers that they will continue to strive for the highest level of quality production to create products for local and national customers.