Our Story

Located in rural northeast Missouri, amid corn and soybeans, our 17,000-acre farmland is home to over 2,100 goats. They produce naturally fresh, creamy milk which is made into cheese just down the road in our Creamery.

Heartland Creamery was envisioned by businessman and farmer, Charles Sharpe, who is determined to bring economic growth to the region. A local farm boy, Charlie is joined in his endeavor by a crew of diverse people making up not just a company, but a community. “Our nation faces a crisis in our greatest resource—people,” says Sharpe. “Through our affiliation with a faith-based rehab facility at Heartland, we have the opportunity to help people who are struggling to rebuild their lives. So, every day we promise to do our best for you, our customers, producing the freshest dairy products from our very own herds. In turn, that enables us to provide jobs and life skills to people who need a second chance. That makes what we do very satisfying.”

As a community, we are committed to long-term social and environmental stewardship while continuing to preserve family values and traditions. The Dairy and Creamery facilities are located in a rural farming community. The herd is not treated with artificial growth hormones* to increase milk production, and because the Dairy is just minutes down the road from the Creamery, it’s not far to truck the milk.

Since 2005, the Creamery has grown to a current daily production capability of 3,000 pounds of handcrafted fresh and aged cheese. Our goal is to bring old-fashioned goodness back to the community…and we would like to share that with you!


…so the herd we milk for the Creamery is not treated with rBGH/rBST.*


…so we use only milk from our own cows and goats, direct from our farm.